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UPHAR MEDIA started its operations in 2013. The Indian Founder, Mr. ABHIJEET DUTTA , has been associated with the Cellular Industry since its inception in 2000 in India. He has rich & diverse experience of pioneering grass root businesses, which includes the birth of Telecom in India, when he built the first ever Telecom network . They bring to the leadership time and market tested product technology, with a successful track record in competitive markets in india. In 2010, built a strategic business & equity alliance with uphar. Uphar expects to expand its business rapidly in the virtual payments and distribution space using Point Of Sale Terminals, Web, IVR & Mobile based technologies.

Its state-of-the-art proprietary back-end technology put Uphar in an enviable position to rapidly expand and offer services apart from just mobile SMS, with which it started its operations. This has helped uphar to blossom into a single, powerful platform, Online Shopping, and much more, on behalf of many companies. Uphar's IT enabled virtual distribution platform allows service providers to derive immense benefit in improving reach of their services.

UPHAR MEDIA is India's No. 1 BULK SMS site that delivers next generation instant online bulk sms & voice call solutions to end users. UPHAR media has secured direct relationships with service providers and has singularly focused on investing in developing a strong technical backbone to make the products experience reliable, secure, intuitive and seamless for the end user.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank our patrons for helping us help them and essentially for shaping our growth.

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